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  • Respect, integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Client commitment
  • Small town values, humility
  • Help clients understand their financial situation by first understanding the client.
  • Create a professional, confidential environment for the client.
  • Deliver creative solutions tailored the client’s needs by collaborating with the client and other advisors and specialists in tax, law, lending, etc.
  • Execute financial strategies by offering product options only provided by the highest rated suppliers of financial products.
  • A sense of control over financial matters.
  • A better understanding of financial solutions, concepts, and strategies.
  • Empowerment to follow a plan of action to help them achieve short and long-term goals.
  • A resource to answer questions.

Our Process

Paul Craft Financial Inc. focuses on establishing trust relationships with clients, whereby we become their primary resource for information and advice on all matters related to their personal and corporate wealth and risk planning.  To accomplish this, we use a process to create a financial plan that evolves as you move through life stages, business phases, career advances, and the growth of your children.



    • We take the time to get to know you and/or your business and discuss our approach. This helps to determine whether there is a fit and whether we are compatible for each other.
    • We will establish with you the groundwork for a long-term trust relationship.


    • We’ll help you reflect on, uncover and identify goals and objectives for you, your family and your business by asking the right questions and allowing you to come to your own conclusions and priorities.
    • We’ll inventory your current situation and gather information and documentation on your financial goals, resources and obligations.
    • For a succession plan, we will identify key players, including active and non-active family members, and work to gain an understanding of each party's vision, values, goals and talents.


    • We’ll identify challenges and opportunities in your current situation and document them in a meaningful way.
    • We will involve a team of advisors and specialists in their respective fields as needed to broaden the perspective (for example lawyers, accountants, and lenders).
    • We’ll provide education and empower you to make decisions by providing you with options and allowing you to make choices.
    • We will put together thoughtful solutions that meet your unique needs and present them to you in a simple, succinct way.


    • We’ll develop a plan for implementation, timelines and communicate with you and other advisors, if applicable, in each step.
    • For a succession plan, we will help you deliver and communicate the succession plan to all family members and/or stakeholders.


    • We’ll evaluate our progress toward achieving the goals established.
    • We’ll discuss any changes and/or future needs that require addressing.
    • For a financial plan, we will schedule regular updates and help evolve your financial plan throughout your life and business cycles, reviewing and adapting it to your changing goals, objectives and realities.

After each meeting or discussion, we’ll summarize key points and provide you with meeting notes, to obtain your endorsement. We’ll keep a copy in our files and provide you with a copy for your records. This helps us track progress, document follow-up tasks and maintain communication and expectations.


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